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       The enterprises are joint-stock cooperative enterprises, was founded in 1968, the existing fixed assets of more than 500 million dollars, and marine products is based on "SOLAS Convention", "entry-level specifications of steel ships", "Ships and marine facilities, statutory inspection rules" "Steel marine vessel construction standards," "Rules of statutory inspection of fishing vessel," the relevant provisions of the design, drawings and technical documents reported by the China Classification Society and fishing boats Inspection Bureau for examination and approval by the "CCS" and "ZY" certification test out the公司.

1, CWY series of marine emergency fire pump, via (CSQA) China Classification Society Quality Certification through GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 (QMS) Quality Management System certification (certificate number: 00507Q10598ROS); designed to meet the "Sea of steel ship into the class norm "," steel marine vessel construction norms "(1998), the relevant provisions; design drawings approved by the China Classification Society (Approval No.: SH05A00191, SH07A00313); product testing of major equipment TB008 pump test stand, by ( SQI), Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute of Technology by the national standard (GB/T3216-2005) test was adopted (ID: W070504502); product type approval by the China Classification Society CCS (Certificate No.: SH06T00238). This series pump has a light weight, off-the plot is small, easy to install fixed and mobile flexibility, pull and power dual-boot device to protect the boot prompt and reliable; motorized water fast, and resistance to corrosion, the use of reliable, convenient maintenance and so on. Pump working medium for the non-hard particles or fibers, temperature ≤ 80 ℃ water, fresh water, living on water.
This series of products have passed the test certified factory. It is mainly applied to ship water fire-extinguishing fire, also applies to industrial and mining enterprises, port terminals, warehouses and freight yard and other fire extinguishing water.

2, PWF smashing pump, is the company's introduction of advanced technology products for the ship sewage in the dirt of the crushing and conveying, through the recycling of solid dirt particles after crushing is not more than 5 mm in diameter, more suitable for low-temperature condensation of heavy oil crushing, easy to handle, jet.

3, Marine Electric Boat Company 704 Central Institute of piston pump designed according to GB/T3160-92 standard manufacturing, oil-water separator is the ideal matching pumps. Existing DZ-100, DZ-250, DZ-500, DZ-1000, DZ-2000, DZ-3000, DZ-4000, DZ-5000, DZ-10000 9 specifications. Its working medium is water, fresh water, bilge water, sewage and oil does not contain hard particles and fibers, the temperature of the liquid is not higher than 85 ℃
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